DIY Counter Quickie

I 👀 I got y’all with the title.
Here’s a fun & easy way to makeover your kitchen when you’re a renter like myself!
My apartments are old. They were built in the 70s and haven’t really been renovated since. But as a single mom needing to move to a certain location for work and childcare, I had to make the best of it.
The first thing I did after moving in a year ago was cover the hideous counters with contact paper. Which is still completely in tact. And also still mocking me everyday to do more projects in this apartment.
I bought marble contact paper off amazon. I only needed three rolls.
Marble Contact Paper
I first scrubbed the counters with bleach a Scotch green scratchy sponge.
After it was completely dried I started to lay down the contact paper.
Starting with the edge of the counter I’d stick the paper and slowly pull back the back paper while pushing out any bubbles with a plastic card.
Remember slow and steady wins the race. 🐢

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