Fave Halloween Movies

October is my favorite month! As soon as the clock turns 12:01 on October 1st, I go full on Halloween mode. Which includes binging on spooky movies all month long.

So because I love lists and Halloween, here’s some of my fave movies! 🖤

The Addams Family

I mean, obviously. If this isn’t number 1 on your list, I’m judging.

Addams Family Values


The second movie came out in 1993, the same year I was born. Some may see that as a coincidence, I see it as a sign that Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Practical Magic

Can I just drink midnight margaritas and do magic with Aunt Frances & Bridget all October?

The Craft

My earliest memory of watching this movie I was 6, that’s also when I became a Fairuza Balk fangirl.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

For those of you who wonder if this is a Halloween or Christmas movie, let me settle the debate right now. It’s an all day-every day movie. TYSM.

Hocus Pocus


Carrie Bradshaw who? The only Sarah Jessica Parker character I wanted to be was Sarah Sanderson. I mean I’m already part way there with the name, right?

The Little Vampire

I refuse to let go of my VCR because I watch this VHS more than I should admit. My son also has smelt like ketchup all month trying to be just like Jonathan Lipnicki.

Interview With the Vampire 


This is the best Vampire movie ever made, hands down. Don’t @ me. I’m still as shook as the first time I watched when I see the scene where Claudia gifts dead blood to Lestat.

Harry Potter

The whole series. Take a 3 day weekend and binge with butterbeer and chocolate frogs. No ragrets, not a single letter.

Casper Meets Wendy


Not only is this my favorite Casper movie to watch in October, it’s my favorite in general. I may have also pushed this favorite on Bentleigh too.

Edward Scissorhands


Moms Got a Date With a Vampire

*this was the only gif I could find and I am really disappointed in you internet.
Dear Disney, this is a classic, give it more airtime. Sincerely, every 90s baby.


Of course this made the list. Also, still waiting for my grandma to tell me we are witches and for us to hop on the Halloweentown bus.

So that’s it for my faves! There are so many more good ones to choose from, leave a comment on what your favorite is so I can add to my binge list! 👻

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