Simple Fall Eye Look

Hi guys! As makeup and fall obsessed I am, I thought I’d post my go-to easy fall look. This has been pretty much been my everyday look for work, changing out my water line color to make it look like I’m trying something new.

The pictures are awkward, in my defense this is my first ever step by step so bear with me. That being said this was originally going to be a full face look, but I was way too out of my comfort zone already. So that’s why you see me baking.

*I did not take pictures of my brow process. I used the Ardell Brow Pomade in dark brown to shade and full my brows and cleaned them up with a mixture of shades from my Morphe 06CF palette. (which is discontinued 😫)

** All brushes I used that weren’t from a Palette were from a 12 Piece Morphe set that don’t have numbers.

1. I used the left over concealer on my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge on my eyes and set with the banana shade from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit in light/medium.
2. Using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and a large fluffy brush I took the shade Raw Sienna all over my lid, starting at the outer corner so it would get the most pigmentation.
3. Then with the blending brush that came in the MR palette I used the shade Realgar in my crease. Again focusing on the outer corner.
4. Using the same fluffy brush from before I took the shade Burnt Orange to blend out the whole eye.
5. With the packing side of the brush from the MR palette I took the shade Cyprus Umber all over my lid, up to the crease. And the with the blending side started blending that shade in.
6. With that same blending brush I took Realgar through the crease again blending in the colors a bit more.
7. Using the packing brush side again, I took the shade Dirty Sweet from the Urban Decay Smoky Palette and packed it on my corner and slightly onto the lid.
8. After getting that shimmer on my lid I took my large fluffy brush a mixture of Burnt Orange and Realgar to blend about all the colors once again.
9. To clean up some of the blended look I took the shade Thirteen from the Smoky Palette on the large blending side of that palette’s brush, and put it under my brow bone.
10. I was previously baking, after blending that out, I darkened up my eye a bit with Cyprus Umber on that same large side on the UD brush.
11. Using the small end of the UD brush I took Cyprus Umber to start shading my lower last line.
12. To blend that out I took a small blending brush with Realgar and Burnt Orange to blend out my lower lash line.
13. I first took the shade Fringe from the Urban Decay Electric Palette on the small side of its brush to pack onto my water line. (I have no issues with this step and it doesn’t irritate my eyes whatsoever, but friends of mine have complained that it doesn’t work for them when they have their contacts on.)
14. I also used the Jouer Kitten Eyeliner to darken my top lash line so that my lashes would blend.
15. Using Ardell Demi Wispies and Duo Lash Glue I applied my lashes.
16. While drying I used the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Universal Stencil Kit to shade in my brows.
17. After my lashes were secure I took Stila Magnificent Metal Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in the shade Kitten Karma to my inner corner. With a packing brush I packed that on the inner corner and blended some onto my lid.
18. When the glitter was dry I used a coat of Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. 19. To highlight my brow bone I used the shade Lyra from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit. 20. The last step was running my Lashfood Browfood Tinted Brow Enhancing Gelfix through my brows to keep them in place.


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