Top 10 Fave Ashtoberfest Tutorials

Hi guys! 🖤
So my life has been a mess and I haven’t put up as many blog posts as I intended. But tomorrow is my favorite day of the year, so for some last minute inspo I thought I’d do a list of my favorite YouTuber’s Halloween looks!
Anyone who hangs out with me knows that I am obsessed with a YouTuber named Ashley, her handle being atleeeey. I have watched her since the day after she posted her very first video and will buy something just because she gave it a good review.
We seem to have the same skin type and the same shade for makeup so that definitely helps.
But my favorite thing about her is every October she does a series called “Ashtoberfest” where she posts a new look almost every single day. Some are simple and some are super intense. There’s a video for everyone and every skill level of makeup.
So what better way to ring in All Hallows’ Eve than with my Top 10 Ashtoberfest Looks. 🖤💀

10. Pumpkin Girl

IG: @atleeeey 🎃

Every year you see so many glam skull looks. Which don’t get me wrong I live for them, BUT up until this tut I hadn’t seen a jack-o-lantern themed one.

9. Demon Girl

IG: @atleeeey 👹

I don’t think there was a ever a more appropriate time for me to shout “YAS GIRL SLAY” to a YouTube screen. (And by shout I obviously mean in my head because even at home I’m an introvert)

8. Fortune Teller

IG: @atleeeey 🔮

I am obsessed with fortune tellers, Magic, psychics, crystal energy, etc., I have a crystal ball tattooed on my wrist even. So last year when she posted this video I about died. It is so simple, yet so bold, so chic, but so dark magic. It gave me all sorts of vibes.

7. Cosmic Alien

IG: @atleeeey 👽

If you are looking to go bold, look no further! This is definitely something I would never be able to pull off but I would gawk and obsess if I was around someone who went as this cute alien.

6. Cheryl Blossom

IG: @atleeeey ☄️

I watched season 1 of Riverdale twice in two months. I was very much here for this costume.

5. Marilyn Manson

IG: @atleeeey 🖤

This was such a dope, out there look.

4. Morticia Addams

IG: @atleeeey 🕷

I don’t think I can express my love for the Addams Family enough. Last year I patiently waited for a looker that never came, but right at the beginning of Ashtoberfest 2017 she delivered.

3. Princess Bubblegum & Marceline

IG: @atleeeey 👸🏼🧛🏻‍♂️

The Adventure Time theme song gets stuck in my head every time. But this is such a cute costume idea to do with a friend or a couples costume.

2. Wicked Witch

IG: @atleeeey 🌛

GAHHHHH this was such a hard choice on deciding if I liked this one or the next one more. I have watched this video so many times to practice for a future look.

1. Victorian Vampire

IG: @atleeeey 🧛🏻‍♀️

This look is my favorite. You can definitely make it a Victorian look or throw on a leather jacket and send out some Vampire Diaries vibes. I love that it’s such a doable look and the perfect combo of cute and spooky.


As I was going through my list I didn’t really want to leave these looks out but they’re not really costumes so I didn’t want to miss out on 2 costume looks, ya know?

But these are great if your workplace lets you do a Halloween look or for trick or treating with your kids.

Candy Corn Cut Crease

IG: @atleeeey 🍬

Neon Halloween Makeup

IG: @atleeeey 🦄
Hopefully these looks inspire you like they did me. 🖤🕷
*This blog post was made solely because I’m a huge fan. This was in no way shape or form a collaboration or was I asked to make this post. I have linked all videos and pictures directly to atleeeey. For all I know she may be like“wow that’s weird” 🤷🏼‍♀️

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