Easy Cookie Sandwich

Hey guys!
Immediately after getting off work I went home to get laundry and go to my grandmas, who picks up and watches my son after school. So instead of going home we were there for a few hours and he did homework. Which he didn’t really want to do lol.
So as soon as we got home he asked if we could do something fun. Still tired from work and needing to get him ready for bed in a little under 2 hours, I had no idea what activity we could do.
I opened our fridge and saw the Pilsbury Ghost Cookies I completely forgot about!
To spice it up and make the cookie baking a little more interactive I suggested we make cookie sandwiches with frosting, and obviously his 6 year old sugar loving self said yes.
If you’ve never made these, they’re small premade cookies you literally just throw on a pan and bake for 12 minutes. Every holiday they come out with a different design so you can easily do this throughout the year.
The frosting we had was blue so I attempted to add some red food color to make it purple, it was kind of a fail because I didn’t want to over due it and make the frosting too thin.
All you do is put a layer of frosting on the back of one side and sandwich the other cookie. When you press down there should be some frosting on the side that you can add sprinkles too.
Originally I planned to put the larger sprinkles in the bowl on all of them but they weren’t sticking well, so I started to sprinkle sugar crystals on the frosting.
I should have let the cookies cool a little bit longer, so mine did come out sloppy. But Bentleigh approved.
The lighting is terrible I know. But you get the idea.
Hopefully yours turn out better if you try them!

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