Thanksgiving Teacher’s Gift

Hey y’all 👋🏻 (OK, I tried and I can’t pull off hey y’all)
I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving! What used to be one of my favorite holidays is now one of my least because I usually work a 10+ hour shift. Thank you retail madness.
This year though is Bentleigh’s first year at school, and what kind of self proclaimed Extra Mom would I be if I didn’t get his teachers an “I’m thankful for you” gift?
So I went to Target, of course, and raided the dollar section. You know what I’m talking about, the little slice of Heaven in the front of the store where all the cute kid and house stuff is under $10.
Bentleigh has his teacher and her aide in his classroom everyday, so I wanted to do semi matching gifts and not break the bank.
In total (with gift boxes and a card) I spent $15 on each of them!
I picked out the 3 gift items, but I let B choose which design/color for each teacher.
Each item was only $3! So I couldn’t just pass them up right?
I then found these cute gold star gift boxes, because they’re reusable and I mean it’s not just the students who deserve gold stars.
Not pictured are 2 separate thank you cards that I’m going to have Bentleigh write why he is thankful for both of them in.
I hope this gives you guys some last minute gift inspo! Feel free to share your gift ideas in the comments because next month I’ll be in Target again I’m sure. 💁🏼
*** I tried to link the items but unfortunately they aren’t on the website, it may depend on in store stock if your local Target has them.

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