Winter Bucketlist

Winter Bucketlist

OK, I’ll be the one to jump the gun and start making winter posts before Thanksgiving, but who cares. I’m just jolly, okay?

I live in what’s known as “The Armpit of California” which means we don’t actually get wintery-winters. But it is still one of my favorite seasons. (OK literally every season other than summer is nice here since it takes up half the year)

  • Go look at Christmas lights.

    Whether it be in a nice neighborhood or at our local museum, this is my favorite part of the holidays.
  • Go to the snow.

    While we don’t get snow, a few neighboring towns do, and this year I really want to make a day of going to snow with Bentleigh and Jack.
  • Game night with an Ugly Sweater contest.

    Already planning this. And pinning all the winter alcoholic beverages. cheers
  • Make ornaments.

    IDK if Bentleigh watched a YoutTube video on this or what, but he is determined that we make ornaments together this year.
  • Holiday movie night.

    Which includes holiday pajamas and hot coco, y’all already know I want to be as extra as possible.
  • Make a gingerbread house.

    They’re disgusting, but cute, so why not.
  • Try new hot coco recipes.

    Blame Pinterest for this one.
  • Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.

    Every. Holiday. Must.
  • Go to Knotts Merry Farm.

    We have had season passes since March and have gone once, sooo this is a must.

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