2018 Goals

Hey guys! Happy New Year!
I am finally back after taking a month off of blogging to really enjoy the holidays and because retail hell. In the time off I planned out a few posts and ideas of the direction I want this blog to go in and repetitive posts I can do to keep myself busy.
To start the year right I thought I’d list some of my goals for 2018, things that obviously won’t happen over night but that I can list to keep myself motivated to get done. So here they are.
  1. NO Facebook!

    This isn’t my first time deactivating my facebook, but in 2018 I want to try to stay off the whole year. I feel like I always get sucked into the drama or lost lurking in comment sections in groups or threads and lose all of my time on nothing. Sooo in hopes that I’ll be more productive and know less of everyone’s business, FB is gone.
  2. NO Energy Drinks.

    I have a problem. Like multiple a day problem. I am also cutting out soda for the most part because it’s just unnecessary sugar and too similar to energy drinks. I started about 2 weeks ago swapping them out for La Croix to keep the carbonation I’m used to, and have barely slipped up. But these headaches may be the death of me.
  3. Go Meat Free.

    It’ll be a process. I’m going to start by cutting out one meat at a time. But I hope to be completely meat free by the end of 2018.
  4. Get a Hobby.

    Honestly, I need to do something with my life other than Netflix binging and makeup. Some of the things that have interested me is learning to make candles, witty coffee cups, and calligraphy. We shall see how any of that goes.
  5. Blog Weekly.

    I have some ideas to help with this. I want to start a weekly post with a different palette a month. My favorite beauty YouTuber @atleeeey does videos called “3 looks 1 palette” so I pulled inspo from that to do 4/5 looks 1 palette. I also am in the process of forcing new foods on my picky child so I want to monthly do a post on a weeks worth of different lunches I packed him for school. IDK I have a ton of ideas written down, I just need to schedule all these posts.
  6. Read a New Book Every Month.

    This one has to be my favorite goal. I love to read, but thanks to Netflix, your girl has been slackin. I want to try to read at least one NEW book a month, and of course blog a review. So if you have any suggestions, lemme know!
As of now those are the goals I am focusing on. But I’m sure the list will grow over the year. I’d love to know if I have similar goals as you or if you have different ones that may inspire me, let me know in the comments!

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